High purity Arsenic is needed to produce III/V-semiconductors like GaAs, which is used to make high frequency integrated circuits (power amplifiers in cell phones, radar technology, wireless devices etc.) as well in the manufacture of LED’s and laser diodes.

Special qualities of metallic Arsenic are suitable for MBE use.

Arsenic (III)-chloride is needed to produce organic compounds which are used as precursors in the MOCVD process.

Arsenic with a lower purity (5N) is used to produce Arsenic Selenide. This material is used in the manufacture of photocopier drums.


  • High Purity Arsenic – 99.9995% (5N5)
  • Ultra High Purity Arsenic – 99.9999% (6N)
  • Ultra High Purity Arsenic – 99.99999% (7N)
  • Ultra High Purity Arsenic – MBE (7N+)


  • Ultra High Purity Arsenic Trichloride