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William Rowland Americas offers comprehensive services for raw material producers, including marketing, distribution, project evaluation, market development, sales logistics management, inventory management, and worldwide supply chain management. We provide end-to-end solutions tailored to our client’s unique business needs, with a focus on exceptional service delivery and expertise in handling hazardous materials and documentation. Trust us to be your reliable partner in handling all your raw material production needs.

Why Choose Us

As a leader in the market metals and chemicals industry, we act as Sales Agents and Distributors for our supply sources. William Rowland Americas also provides pre-delivery and credit financing. 

Our Approach

We source and markets metals, chemicals, and high-purity materials. Customers can expect on-time delivery on agreed terms and conditions at competitive prices.

Our Mission

We strive to develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clientele. The supply chain is managed to meet our clients needs. 

What we do

Raw Material Producers

We offer the following services to our raw material producers.

Marketing agents

For our principals we act as:

Formal Marketing Agents with an official agency agreement between us and  our principal which details each party’s duties and responsibilities, marketing territory, duration, commissions and expenses, del credere risks, termination for cause, and other relevant terms and conditions.

Pseudo Agency which is an operationalized agency with an informal understanding with our principal on each party’s essential roles and obligations, good faith, and integrity in transactions are the hallmarks of this type of arrangement.

Project Evaluation For Feasibility Studies

We assist mining and other producers by undertaking market studies for end products in the feasibility phase. These market studies provide details on the potential market size and product specifications required by the market. Negotiated compensation can be for an hourly rate or by earning credits to obtain a marketing agency for the product.

Marketing reports for project feasibility studies

Sales Logistics Management

We have the in-house expertise to move cargo from producer to customer using all necessary transportation modes, including freight forwarding and chartering.

Market Development

From pre-production to post-production, we negotiate contracts with potential industrial users and bring the materials produced by new entrants to the market.

Billing, collection, credit control, credit insurance

As your agent or distributor, we handle customer and country credit risks as well as the billing, collection, credit control, and credit insurance that is involved in the transaction.

Insurance and
Hazardous Materials Certification

We are hazardous materials certified and have adequate insurance coverage.

Management Services

Client Services

William Rowland Americas also manages Customer Service and Sales Administration tasks involving inventory management.

Worldwide Supply Chain Management

We manage our clients’ supply chain challenges. Information that is timely, accurate, and reliable is necessary to mitigate supply interruptions or other issues. We keep abreast of current events that may impede the flow of goods and offer real-time information to our clients for potential impacts on their operational needs.

Financing and storing inventory increase production costs and tie up working capital and warehouse space. We purchase, finance, and store clients’ inventory with periodic releases as production requires stock.


Transporting cargo across international jurisdictions requires a plethora of documentation; we take care of all of these within the laws, rules, and regulations for safe transportation to your specified point of delivery.