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William Rowland Americas provides a wide range of non-ferrous metals, chemicals, and minerals. We also buy and sell scrap materials.

We are always sourcing new metals and materials to meet our customers’ needs so if you can’t find from our extensive product range what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact form on the contact page or one of our traders directly.

Base metals - Phosphorus Copper Balls

Our Range of Base Metals

Base metals are a group of metals that are widely utilized in various industries and trade due to their low cost and abundant availability. The term “base” is used to differentiate these metals from precious metals, which are primarily employed in jewelry, coins, or investment purposes. Copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, and lead are some of the most common examples of base metals. Their malleability, ductility, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity are some of the essential properties that make them highly valuable for industrial use. These metals are also blended with other metals to form alloys that enhance their mechanical or chemical features, rendering them indispensable in the construction, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Noble Alloys - Ferro Vanadium

Our Range of Ferro Alloy

Our selection encompasses a broad variety of ferro alloys. Ferro alloys are iron alloys that have a significant concentration of one or more non-ferrous metals as alloying components. These alloys are fragile and not ideal for direct use in creating goods. However, they serve as important sources of these elements for blending with steel. They enhance properties such as strength, ductility, and fatigue or corrosion resistance.

Noble Alloys - Ferro Vanadium
Boric Acid TQ Granular

Our Range of Industrial Minerals

Industrial minerals refer to naturally occurring substances utilized for a vast array of industrial and commercial purposes. These minerals are commonly found in significant quantities and are widely available in large deposits throughout the world.

Minor metals - Antimony

Our Range of Minor Metals

Minor Metals refer to a collection of metals that are less abundant than commonly used metals such as iron, aluminum, and copper. These metals have specialized applications in different sectors, including electronics, energy, aerospace, and medical devices, and are typically utilized in smaller quantities. They are generally obtained as by-products of base metal smelting and are not traded on the London Metal Exchange.

Minor metals - Antimony
Precious Metals - Silver Granules

Our Range of Precious Metals

Precious metals refer to a set of metallic chemical elements that occur naturally and are valued highly for their scarcity, stunning appearance, and financial significance. The precious metals commonly known are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

These metals are frequently used as a safeguard against economic instability and inflation and are also popular for their aesthetic appeal and beauty, given their scarcity and high perceived value.

Recycled Metals

Our Range of Recycled Metals

William Rowland Americas plays a pivotal role in promoting the circular economy through its commitment to sustainably completing the supply chain loop on secondary non-ferrous scrap metals, with a primary focus on superalloys.

Our goal is to ensure that the metals are sorted, graded, and improved appropriately to guarantee their safe and sustainable reintroduction into the supply chain for remelting and the creation of new materials. William Rowland Americas provides a range of recycled metals in different forms, including loose turnings, solids, flashings, bar ends, pressed clean turnings in puck form (VIM quality), ingots, billets, pigs, and round bars.

Recycled Metals